Liquid Cooling Economics: Reducing Costs by 1,400% on Connectors through “Negative Pressure” Technology

Liquid Cooling Economics - Reduced Cost through Generic Parts

Forget expensive, specialized connectors! Chilldyne’s negative pressure technology enables fail-safe, leak-proof liquid cooling solutions that save money. This is by preventing downtime and using generic fluid connectors for major savings. (Generic parts are possible because leaks or broken connectors do not cause downtime on other servers.)

If you have a 1,000-server cluster with 2 connector sets per server, adds up to $519K in savings on connector costs alone at retail cost.


On the left is a dripless liquid cooling connector (BLQ4) set from the brand CPC.

  • Price from Grainger: $115.60 + $162.97 = $278.57 each
  • Lead Time: 16 weeks

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On the right is a generic connector (PLC) set from CPC. We use these connectors on thousands of servers that have been in production since 2019 with no coolant leaks. Only one side shuts off, because the server gets drained on disconnection through negative pressure technology.

  • Price from Grainger: $14.81 + $4.46 = $19.27 each
  • Lead Time: In stock

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*Prices accurate as of August 2023