About Us

The Chilldyne story begins with Flometrics, an engineering services company specializing in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics for aerospace, medical, and consumer industries.

Whether designing a cooling system for a portable digital receiver for Broadcast Microwave Services or an aircraft cooling system for Northrop Grumman, efficiency and reliability are paramount. As a company specializing in liquid cooling for critical applications, you can imagine our surprise when we learned that data centers are still air-cooled.

Chilldyne was created to deliver efficient, reliable, and affordable liquid cooling solutions to the data center. Not only is liquid cooling 1,000 times more efficient than air cooling, but Chilldyne's solution uses negative pressure that won't leak—something else that surprised us about data center cooling.

Faster and hotter chips are coming. Industry experts have warned data center operators that new chips will soon exceed air cooling capabilities and that liquid cooling is inevitable. Chilldyne designed the Cool-Flo system to make it easy and affordable to migrate to liquid cooling as needed while extending your investment in air-cooled infrastructure.

Company Leadership

Dr. Steve Harrington

Founder & CEO

Dr. Harrington started Flometrics in 1995 while working on a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering, focusing on fluid dynamics. At Flometrics, he helped design laser cooling systems for ASML, medical ventilators for Respironics, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) cooling systems for Northrop Grumman, improvised explosive device (IED) excavation robots for the Department of Defense, and rocket fuel pumps for DARPA.

Throughout his professional and personal life, Dr. Harrington worked with airflow and liquid flow technology. He taught aerospace engineering at UCSD, where his students designed, built, and flew liquid-fueled rockets. He invented PerfectSwell® surf technology that is now manufactured and distributed worldwide by American Wave Machines. Dr. Harrington holds a dozen U.S. patents and is named on more than 25 in total.

In 2011, Dr. Harrington founded Chilldyne to bring his engineering, fluid dynamics, and electronics cooling expertise to the data center. His personal goal is to reduce energy consumption and the carbon impact of data centers globally by deploying liquid cooling to as many servers as possible. Widespread adoption of liquid cooling could save 1.5 gigatons of carbon over the next 30 years. Chilldyne’s goal is to make this carbon reduction a reality by offering an easy-to-use, low-cost, and reliable liquid cooling system.

Peter Gross, PE

Board Member

Mr. Gross is an internationally recognized technology and energy expert whose career spans over three decades. He is presently the Managing Partner of PMG Associates a consulting and advisory firm. In addition, he serves on several boards of directors and boards of advisors for public, private, and not-for-profit companies.

Previously, Mr. Gross was the VP of Mission Critical Systems at Bloom Energy and VP and Managing Partner of HP Global Technology Consulting at Hewlett Packard. Prior to HP, he was the co-founder and CEO at EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Inc., a consulting company that specialized in strategic technology planning, design and operations support for large-scale data centers until HP acquired it in 2008.

Mr. Gross is recognized as a thought leader on mission-critical facilities, high-reliability design, power quality, energy, and sustainability. He has published numerous technical papers on these topics, authored several patents, and is a frequent speaker at international events.

Peter is the recipient of 2010 Data Center Dynamics "Outstanding Contribution to the Industry" award, is a Senior IEEE Member and was one of the contributors to IEEE Standard 3006.7-2013, "Recommended Practice for determining the reliability of 7x24 Power Systems in industrial and commercial facilities". "He also received the 2020 award for Outstanding Contribution to the Digital Infrastructure Community and was inducted in the Infrastructure Masons Hall of Fame."

He recently received the Outstanding Contribution to the Digital Infrastructure Community award, and was inducted into the Infrastructure Masons Hall of Fame. Mr. Gross also received 2010 Data Center Dynamics "Outstanding Contribution to the Industry" award, is a Senior IEEE Member, and was one of the contributors to IEEE Standard 3006.7-2013 on determining the reliability of 7x24 power systems.

Mr. Gross joined the Chilldyne board in 2021 to help data centers improve cooling capacity and improve energy efficiency.

Gary Rowe

Executive Chairman

Mr. Rowe is an accomplished entrepreneur, technology industry analyst/visionary and senior executive. His passion and career focus has been on identifying disruptive solutions supporting large enterprises in areas such as network/Internet standards, security/risk management, distributed ledger, identity management, and next-generation liquid cooling solutions.

After 20 years of executive leadership positions with large computer and networking companies Mr. Rowe moved to an entrepreneurial focus as he architected, built and achieved successful exits for three companies and supported several others. He was President of Burton Group for 12 years, the leading technology infrastructure research firm through the sale to Gartner, the largest tech analyst firm in the world.

Mr. Rowe has been on Chilldyne's Board of Directors for the past six years and has served as the Executive Chairman over the past year, expanding his role to operationally support the company in areas including equity financing, business planning, refining/updating strategy, supporting strategic partnerships, expanding marketing, and building out the infrastructure to take advantage of Chilldyne's unique and sustainable competitive advantage.