Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) CF-CDU300

Chilldyne’s innovative, energy-efficient CDU cools up to 300 kW of servers in high-density applications. Its patented, negative-pressure technology eliminates downtime due to water leaks. With a footprint smaller than a standard rack, the CF-CDU300 easily fits at the end of a row.


  • Easy to install, upgrade, and maintain, which saves time and money. Aside from plumbing the facility water system, there is no need for specialized installation services.
  • Unlike positive-pressure systems that push coolant through the system, Chilldyne’s patented, negative-pressure technology pulls coolant through the system and eliminates the risk of water leaks.
  • The negative-pressure system also uses a low-psi to circulate coolant and doesn’t require expensive, hardened hardware and connections to operate safely.
  • Using cooling tower water up to 45°C (113°F) the CDU can remove up to 300 kW of server heat with a 15°C rise. The efficient Chilldyne system does not need cold water to successfully cool the hottest chips. “Warm water” cooling is an efficient and effective way to cool servers.
  • The CDU automatically monitors and controls the quality of the water in the technology cooling loop. The water quality system ensures peak performance, reduces maintenance costs, and extends the life of the system by dispensing coolant additives as-needed to prevent corrosion and biological growth.
  • Easily manage the system, including the coolant temperature, liquid flow rate, and water quality, using the CDU’s touch screen panel.
  • Using Chilldyne's Cool-Flo Software the same information and controls can be accessed by a web page, DCIM software, or BMS software to enable remote monitoring and operation of the CF-CDU300.
  • Made in USA

CF-CDU300 Components

1. Pump Chambers
The pump chambers control the flow of fluid into and out of the CDU. The proprietary three-chamber arrangement allows the CDU to pull fluid through the loop while maintaining a steady flow.

2. Heat Exchangers
The heat exchangers move heat from the technology cooling system to the facility water system. The two series heat exchangers allow the CDU to move up to 300 kW of heat even on hot and humid days.

3. Liquid Ring Pump
Liquid ring pumps use water as a seal that never needs to be replaced. The CDU’s liquid ring pump provides the vacuum used to pull the coolant through the load.

4. Microprocessor Control
The intelligent, network-enabled core of the CDU automatically manages coolant temperatures, flow rates, water quality, and more. The Cool-Flo Software allows the CDU to be easily integrated into popular DCIM and BMS systems.

5. Water Quality Control
The CDU automatically monitors and controls the quality of the water in the technology cooling system. The water quality system dispenses coolant additives as-needed to prevent corrosion and biological growth.

6. Coolant Handling Manifolds
Up to 4 cooling loops exit either the top or bottom of the CDU to support both raised floor and overhead configurations.

CF-CDU300 Specifications

Device Specifications:

Product Line: CF-CDU300
Input Power: 208, 380/415, and 480 VAC configurations available
Cooling Capacity: Up to 300kW with 15 °C rise.
Approach: Delivery at 7 °C above facility water temperature at 300 kW; 2 °C at 200 kW
Flow Rate: Up to 300 LPM at 0.5 bar differential
System ΔPressure: Maximum 22 inHg, minimum 10 inHg
Manifold to CDU Tubing: 1 1/4” ID, up to 30 ft, 4 circuits, 36 racks or more
Network Connections: 1x Fast Ethernet, RJ45 / 8p8c
User Interfaces: Touchscreen GUI, local web-based GUI and local web API, Telnet and RS-232 command lines, SNMP and Modbus TCP/IP, Syslog (UDP), FTP file transfer.

Facility Specifications:

Cooling Water: 2°C to 45°C at 350 LPM (92 GPM), ASHRAE W4, 15 psi (1 bar) differential
Fill Water: 2 GPM, 20 to 100 PSI, filtered, RO recommended
Drain Capacity: 4 GPM, 50 mm (2 in) recommended
Electrical Power:
• 480 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase WYE or Delta, 5 Amps
• 208 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase WYE, 10 Amps
• 380/415 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase WYE, 7 Amps


Standard: 15,000 hours or 2 years
Extended: Available for purchase


The CF-CDU15 is a rack-scale liquid cooling system that can cool up to 15 kW of servers. The small CDU uses the same system and software as the CF-CDU300, and allows data center operators to familiarize themselves with the installation and operation of the larger system before deploying it. Pre-installed Cool-Flo Software also makes the CF-CDU15 suitable for trial or demo.

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