Cooling Server Racks - Our Rack Manifold

For cooling server racks, the Chilldyne rack manifold delivers coolant to more than 100 servers while installed inside a standard server rack. The negative-pressure liquid cooling system and manifold’s quick connectors allow operators to connect and disconnect hot and cold lines without shutting down the system.


  • Quick connectors make it easy to add or remove cooling to servers.
  • Chilldyne’s patented negative-pressure system allows for continuous, leak-free operations when adding or removing servers and performing maintenance.
  • Custom mounting is available for any type of server rack.
  • Low-flow resistance connectors, manifolds, and tubing provide a steady coolant flow for racks, even up to 30ft/10m from CDU.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless-steel construction ensures maximum cooling performance.
  • Patented air-flow valves keep the rest of the system liquid-cooled, even if some servers are disconnected.
  • Customizable connector types and port positions on manifolds are available for unique systems.

Internal Server Manifold (GPU System)

Optional internal server manifolds evenly distribute coolant to all cold plates and GPU cards. The design doesn’t use expensive bulky connectors but still allows individual servers/cards to be removed for service, which reduces down time.