Customers Served

From chip manufacturers to colocation centers, Chilldyne’s patented liquid cooling technology can meet your cooling requirements now and in the future.

Chip Manufacturer TN

Chip Manufacturer

Chilldyne's direct-to-chip liquid cooling system offers the lowest thermal resistance, enabling end users to get the highest level of performance from the newest, fastest (and hottest) CPUs and GPUs.

Colo Hosting TN

Colo Hosting

Energy-efficient Chilldyne liquid cooling helps hosting companies conserve electricity and reduce costs. The Chilldyne system is easy to install and can quickly scale to meet rising customer demands. Upgrades to both cooling and IT equipment can be done on the fly—without downtime.

Data Center Facilities TN

Data Center Facilities

Ensure maximum cooling and energy efficiency for new data centers. Or, with minimal commissioning time, migrate to liquid cooling for high-power-density IT equipment with a hybrid air/liquid cooling approach. Either way, Chilldyne's patented negative-pressure technology means no downtime due to water leaks.

Data Center Operator TN

Data Center Operator

Unlimited by cooling constraints, get the most powerful IT equipment for your business. Chilldyne can cool it as it’s added, whether chip-by-chip, by rack, or an entire row. Upgrades to IT equipment can be made without shutting down the Chilldyne cooling system.

Server Manufacturer TN

Server Manufacturer

Partnering with Chilldyne enables your customers to take advantage of the latest computing technology and not worry about cooling limitations. The negative-pressure system, including standard and custom cold-plate kits, is easy to assemble and test. Implementing liquid cooling has never been more simple or cost-effective.

Telecommunications TN 1


Chilldyne liquid cooling helps to ensure telecommunication equipment performs optimally and avoids downtime. In turn, service providers can keep up with ever-increasing broadband, internet, and wireless demands.