Cool-Flo Software

Remotely monitor and operate the Chilldyne Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) using a web-based interface. An alternative to the CDU touchscreen, the Cool-Flo Software conveniently allows data center operators to manage the Chilldyne liquid cooling system and ensure uptime.


  • Set and monitor liquid temperature at the desired level to ensure peak server performance and increase energy efficiency.
  • Manage the liquid flow rate and heat exchange to achieve optimal cooling of IT equipment.
  • Monitor the dew point to prevent condensation buildup throughout the system.
  • Check coolant quality, ensure additives are available to minimize corrosion of system hardware and connections.
  • Monitor fluid levels to ensure CDU is able to automatically fill and drain liquids, during operation with no down time.
  • Conduct vacuum tests to ensure system is operating correctly.
  • Easy-to-use, web interface is consistent with CDU touchscreen panel.
  • Made in USA

Provides one-touch operation of all common maintenance functions and convenient access to alarms, logs, and more.


Enables customization of every CDU to reflect the needs of the specific datacenter and to achieve optimal performance in different environments.


Displays detailed diagnostic information in human-readable formats to expedite service and testing.

Connected Cooling

The Cool-Flo software provides a multitude of network interfaces for remote control and monitoring of a Chilldyne CDU using a web interface, DCIM software or BMS software. The following interfaces can be accessed via a network connection to any Chilldyne CDU:

  • Graphical User Interface – The GUI provides access to nearly all of the CDU’s functions with easy-to-navigate menus, including monitoring, control, management, and configuration. The GUI is also accessible via the touchscreen on compatible CDUs.
  • SNMP – SNMP can be used for real-time monitoring of the CDU’s sensors and operating parameters.
  • Modbus TCP/IP – Modbus can be used for real-time monitoring of the CDU’s sensors and operating parameters, as well as some configuration and control operations.
  • Syslog – Send logging data to your central syslog server. The syslog interface can send sensor data up to once per second; filter by facility to capture as much or as little as you prefer.
  • FTP – Access historical log files for troubleshooting.
  • Other Interfaces – Cool-Flo CDUs also support Telnet, an HTTP-based web API, and more. Not sure if the CDU has the right network interfaces for your deployment? Give us a call!