The Chilldyne Liquid Cooling Solution

Direct-to-chip, negative-pressure liquid cooling system that is customizable to your needs now and in the future.

Liquid cooling is capable of removing heat 1,000 times better than air cooling! Not only can liquid cooling handle newer, faster, and hotter chips, it also improves data center energy efficiency which saves money for a quicker return on investment. Unlike other types of liquid cooling, Chilldyne's patented, negative-pressure liquid cooling technology eliminates the risk of water leaks by pulling coolant through the system. The simple, direct-to-chip design means specialized technicians are not needed for installation or new commissioning. Gradually upgrading to liquid cooling in an existing site or immediately outfitting an entire new site couldn't be easier.

The Chilldyne Difference

Chilldyne’s patented, negative pressure technology creates a vacuum to pull water through the cooling ecosystem, eliminates the need for expensive and reinforced hardware, simplifies installation and maintenance, and provides peace of mind that the system won’t leak.

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Liquid Cooling Power Savings

Chilldyne’s Cool-Flo System is an efficient and low cost liquid cooling system that reduces data center power consumption 3 ways:

• 75-100% reduction in HVAC power
• 75% reduction in server fan power
• 5-10% reduction in CPU power

This example shows a legacy data center power reduction of 45% with the Cool-Flo System. Any data center can bring their Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) down to 1.2 or less plus additional power savings at the server.

Liquid Cooling Power Savings

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