Chilldyne Receives ARPA-E Grant

Chilldyne receives ARPA-E grant

Chilldyne has been awarded a $773,990 grant from ARPA-E to develop a Helical Turbulator for Robust Cold Plate – This will add to our technology leadership position in negative pressure liquid cooling. Arpa selected Chilldyne as one of three companies who submitted proposals on data center cooling, Nokia and IBM were also selected.   Our project is to reduce the thermal resistance of cold plates by a factor of three compared to state of the art. Chilldyne’s technology will allow data centers with high-power processors to function anywhere with high cooling efficiency. Chilldyne engineers have already developed cooling systems for high power Lasers for ASML, UAVs for Northrop Grumman, and rocket engines for DARPA. You might not need rocket scientists to develop your liquid cooling system but it can’t hurt.