Chilldyne Secures ARPA-E COOLERCHIPS Award to Improve Data Center Efficiency

$550,000 U.S. Department of Energy Grant Powers Chilldyne’s Liquid Cooling Innovations

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, January 22, 2024 — Chilldyne, a leader in liquid cooling technology for data centers and server manufacturers, announces its receipt of a $550,000 award from the Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). This grant, part of the COOLERCHIPS funding program, supports the ongoing development of Chilldyne's high-performance liquid cooling systems, addressing the increasing demands of modern data centers.

This award, under the ARPA-E's Cooling Operations Optimized for Leaps in Energy, Reliability, and Carbon Hyperefficiency for Information Processing Systems (COOLERCHIPS) program, enables Chilldyne to further its research in energy-efficient cooling solutions vital for future data centers. It will enhance Chilldyne's patented low-thermal-resistance cold plates, automatic coolant quality controls, and its unique negative pressure infrastructure. These advancements are increasingly important as the surge in high-power computing, particularly in artificial intelligence and machine learning, poses significant IT challenges and necessitates effective liquid cooling solutions.

Under the contract, Chilldyne has developed a CPU/GPU cold plate with a soldered-in helical turbulator that offers minimal thermal resistance and excellent resistance to corrosion and contamination, crucial for efficient data center operations. Targeted at demanding AI and HPC clusters, these next-generation turbulator cold plates offer superior efficiency, handling up to 2000-watt chips.

The Automated Coolant Quality (ACQ) system is another key development, ensuring optimal coolant quality and enhancing system reliability by preventing corrosion and biogrowth. The system aims to maintain thermal performance with less than a 5% reduction over one year and demonstrate an automated coolant quality control system that requires only filter changes and chemical addition.

Dr. Steve Harrington, CEO of Chilldyne, said, "This ARPA-E vote of confidence propels our mission to enable the next generation of high-density, low-impact data centers essential for emerging AI and ML workloads. We are thrilled to further our research and development efforts, which will help us bring more advanced and sustainable solutions to the market."

Chilldyne plans to validate its latest technology through collaboration with the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), focusing on energy savings potential with Chilldyne's liquid cooling. Strategic partnerships with AVNET and Schneider Electric will support commercialization efforts and liquid cooling implementation in colocation facilities.




About Chilldyne

Chilldyne is a leading provider of direct-to-chip liquid cooling solutions for AI data centers and HPC clusters. Our leak-proof and reliable solutions ensure optimal server performance in a wide range of computing environments. Easy to install and maintain, Chilldyne's fail-safe systems leverage negative pressure technology, eliminating coolant leaks before they happen, with intelligent redundancy, significantly reducing carbon emissions while maximizing uptime.



COOLERCHIPS aims to reduce total cooling energy expenditure to less than 5% of a typical data center's IT load at any time and in any U.S. location for a high-density computing system. Raising the technological bar to reduce data center cooling energy will decrease the operational CO2 footprint, improve data center security, and reduce operational costs.



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    Nice job Steve amd Carl and guys to get that grant!

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