Chilldyne at SC23

Chilldyne, the leading provider of liquid cooling solutions for AI and high-performance data centers, showcased breakthroughs in liquid cooling for AI and high-performance data centers during SC23, held in Denver, Colorado.

Here's a quick look at the major highlights:

1. 'Cut the Line' Demo – Preventing Leaks Before It Happens:

Demonstrating our negative pressure technology, we showcased how Chilldyne systems maintain leak-proof performance even when a cooling line is cut.

2. Advanced 2 kW Cold Plates

Unveiled to meet the demands of high-power computing, our 2 kW cold plates set a new bar for efficiency and performance in AI and HPC processors.

Visit our Cold Plates section to learn more.

3. Chilldyne ACQ – Industry-First Automated Coolant Management

Introducing automated coolant quality control, the ACQ system streamlines maintenance and ensures consistent cooling effectiveness.

4. The Margarita Party – Pumping Margaritas through $26,000 Dell Server

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